Motivation influences behavior, decisions, and actions. Finding ways to achieve objectives that resonate and align with core motivations is vital for superior performance. Those who better understand their natural motivators better are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities for the right reasons and get the results they desire.

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Measuring The Core of Motivation

Just as the DISC assessment gives insight into “how” someone will behave, the Motivators assessment explains “why.” Motivators are the reasons we want to act. They help people to better understand their value hierarchy or belief system. They filter and guide decisions specifically toward the results that reflect them, and they combine uniquely for each person to influence priorities and decision making. Motivators reveal our viewpoint, our mindset, and our paradigm of thought.

Research shows successful people share a common trait of self-awareness and an awareness of those around them. Through building a greater understanding of the motivator dimensions in general, it becomes easier to see how they influence and guide behaviors to move people forward or keep them still.

Motivators Assessment

Learn What Motivates People

The Motivators assessment offers an in-depth identification and exploration of seven dimensions and how they uniquely combine to influence behavior, decision, and actions:

  • Aesthetic is a drive for balance, harmony, and form.
  • Economic is a drive for return on investment (including time, money, resources).
  • Individualistic is a drive to stand out as independent and unique.
  • Power is a drive to be in control or have influence.
  • Altruistic is a drive to help others at the expense of self.
  • Regulatory is a drive to establish order, routine, and structure.
  • Theoretical is the drive for knowledge, learning, and understanding.
The desire to uncover, discover, and recover the "truth” for knowledge sake.
The strong desire and need to achieve equilibrium between the world around us and ourselves.
The motivation for security from self-interest, economic gains, and achieving real-world returns.
The need to be seen as autonomous, unique, independent, and to stand apart from the crowd.
The need to be seen as a leader, while having influence and control over one's success.
The expression of the need or energy to benefit others at the expense of self.
The need to establish order, routine, and structure. This motivation is to promote a black and white mindset.
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What Motivates People?

Motivators are all about passion and satisfaction. Essentially, they are the reasons we do anything – they drive our behaviors, decisions, and actions.

The Motivators Assessment highlights individually how each of the 7 Motivators impacts our choices. However, exploring the dimensions one-by-one is not enough; we must combine them to see how they influence one another and interact as a whole. The combination is the key to understanding how Motivators will likely drive passions and behavior.

Furthermore, if our Motivators and behavior don’t always align, the assessment can reveal areas of tension. This is useful in helping us to find the best way to satisfy our passions and manage our energy through behavioral expression.


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Get Motivators Certified

Become an expert with our internationally accredited certification training. Designed specifically to foster a deeper understanding of the mode, you’ll discover how it can be used to build more effective personal and professional relationships. Through one-on-one instructor-led sessions and self-study, you will learn to use the assessment results with supportive, comprehensive resources that are available when you need them. As a bonus, if you are certified in multiple assessments, your instructor will show you how to combine the assessment results for a holistic understanding of how they work together.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is understanding Motivators important?

Understanding how Motivators work and how they uniquely combine for each of us brings deeper insight into our self-awareness and also helps us to effectively connect with others. They help us understand what is important to us and also what is important to someone else.

As a self-awareness activity, examining how we are motivated helps us to make intentional choices and work to align our behaviors and actions to get what we want. With others, an awareness of what motivates them, helps us to understand their behaviors and actions.

Is it enough just to understand Motivators?

While Motivators as a standalone tool is beneficial and insightful, with additional information we become more empowered and informed. In combination with other assessments, we can see how our decision making, learning preferences, behaviors and emotions are influenced by what is most important to us.

In combination with DISC, a practical understanding of our own motivations helps us to avoid tricking ourselves into feeling that we lack motivation. We are all motivated, but we may lack the “energy” (seen in the DISC graph) to get what we want. With DISC and Motivators together, we discover whether or not we are behaving what we value in a way that works.

Can Motivators be used to benchmark new hires?

Assessments can play a vital role in employee selection when used appropriately. At Assessments 24×7, our Motivators assessment meets EEOC standards for class protection and is frequently used as part of the selection process. See our Hiring and Selection service, HireSense, to learn more. We never recommend making a hiring decision based only on assessment data, but when used in combination with other factors (interviews, referrals, skills and experience, etc.), assessments can bring insight to selection decisions.

HireSense is an integration of three Assessments: DISC, Motivators, and Critical Thinking (Hartman), providing detailed insight into what will help a candidate be successful in their new role or what might be required to support them. Learn more about our hiring and selection products and services.


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Our internationally accredited Motivators assessment is currently available in multiple languages. See our sample reports page for the list of available languages and to view sample results.

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By combinging individual Motivators results, members can generate different team reports including a team wheel and group graphs. All of our team reports are 100% free and unlimited.