Bulgaria Ownership of Permanent Residence Card by Investment

What is the Bulgaria Ownership of Permanent Residence Card by Investment Program?

The Bulgaria citizenship by investment program is approved by the Bulgarian government to encourage direct investment from individuals outside the EU. Investors can obtain a Bulgarian permanent residence card through a safe investment in government bonds.


Fast processing of documents:

  • Get a permanent resident card within 6 months

Naturalization opportunities:

  • Investor can be naturalized after maintaining investment for 5 years or 2 years if investor adds 512,000 EUR

Settlement for the whole family:

  • Attached documents include the spouse and children under 18

Free education for children:

  • Children are exempt from tuition fees until the end of high school

Medical benefits:

  • Get free medical care at any public hospitals in Bulgaria



  • Aged 18 and older

Other requirements:

  • No qualifications, experience or English required. No criminal record; No length of stay required


  • Invest 512,000 EUR in investment forms; government bonds, entrusted to companies, publicly listed companies, projects prioritized by the government.
  • After maintaining the investment for 5 years, the investor has the right to apply for naturalization.