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Settle in the U.S.

According to Knight Frank's Global Prosperity Migration report (2019), the US is currently the home country of the most millionaires, accounting for 30.3% of the total number of global millionaires. With its position as an economic powerhouse, a top quality of life and great influence on the world political arena, the US has long been a "promised land" and is now the common home of the immigrant community from more than 100 countries.


9,834 million km2 km2


327,2 million people


English, Spanish



Why choose Settle in the U.S. ?

& Freedom

In the U.S., human rights are always upheld. Every citizen is treated equally regardless of the natives or immigrants.


American education always emphasizes on practicality in order to provide students the practical knowledge and skills for their future career. 5 out of 10 of the world’s top universities are from America.

The perfect
medical system

American health care is invested strongly in terms of infrastructures, technology as well as human.


Americans take advantages from the healthy, clean environment, food security which could ensure the good health and high-quality life.

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