Visa 132B – Benefits

Visa 132B is a permanent visa for those who are funded by venture capital from a company that is a member of the Australian Venture Capital Association AVCAL.

Benefits of living in Australia

  • Work and study in Australia.
  • Join Medicare and health care plans in Australia.
  • Australian citizenship (if eligible).
  • Relatives guarantee.
  • Return to Vietnam at any time.
  • Travel rights: 5 years (in and out of Australia within 5 years from the date the visa is issued, more than 5 years, the applicant needs to apply for a Resident Return Visa RRV or another type of re-entry visa to re-enter Australia).

Benefits of the 132B visa immigration program

  • Time to achieve permanent residency quickly: less than 12 months (all other types of visas require a temporary stay of 4 years, must live and work for 2 years in Australia to be granted permanent residency).
  • Visa 132B has the advantage of a quick, clear and direct procedure with the investment fund while the requirements are not too strict, there is no need to test for skills, no English is required, and there is no obligation to live. in Australia, ensuring capital and return on investment.