Canada Family Sponsorship – Advantages

Dubbed as the most livable country in the world, Canada has been and will continue to be an attractive place for young people around the world to come to study and live. In addition to the majestic natural scenery and magnificent architecture, Canada is also noted for its multi-cultural culture, advanced education and extremely good social welfare.

Possessing the world’s leading advantages in terms of health, education and quality of life, Canada is always the first choice of people around the world to study and live here.

One of the biggest advantages of Canadian family sponsorship is that the government’s policy is not too strict compared to other developed countries.

With the Canadian immigration visa, you can bring your relatives to Canada to live with you. The Canadian government always creates the best conditions for relatives to permanently reside in this country. In particular, the Canadian government is always committed to trying to unite family whenever possible. Relatives of Canadian citizens or permanent residents can apply for a Canadian immigration visa under the family sponsorship category. They can live, study and work in Canada if they become permanent residents.


  • You can start your own business or start a business.
  • Have the opportunity to work at any company in Canada (many jobs only accept green card holders or Canadian citizens).
  • Enjoying universal health care policy (Universal Health Care): Most of the medical expenses of Permanent Residents will be covered by the Government, including emergency expenses, immunizations, periodic health check-up. …
  • Children of Permanent Residents can study for free from primary to high school, pay university and graduate tuition fees equivalent to Canadian citizens (about 1/3 of that of international students) and can Apply for a scholarship to study funding from the Government.
  • Receive social security benefits in retirement (if working and fulfilling tax obligations with the Government of Canada).
  • Canada Child Tax Benefits: Families with low-income children under the age of 18 will receive tax support from the Canadian Government to cover their monthly expenses.
  • Can own real estate or any property that a Canadian citizen has a right to own.
  • Get in and out of Canada unlimited times and don’t need a visa.
  • Visa-free or easy visa application to developed countries: USA, Mexico, UK, France, Hong Kong…