Canada family sponsorship – Implementation Process


– Sponsor for spouse: When a spouse who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada wants his or her partner living outside of Canada to become a permanent resident of Canada.

– Sponsor for grandparents and parents: This is the most popular immigration guarantee program. Children and grandchildren who are currently Canadian citizens want to sponsor their grandparents or parents to become Canadian permanent residents.

– Super Visa for grandparents, parents: This program allows holders of Canadian immigration visas to enter and exit Canada many times over a period of 10 years. Thus, grandparents or parents can often visit their children and grandchildren for a long time.

– Provincial Family Sponsorship Program: Residents of the state will be maximized to be able to sponsor their relatives to Canada. However, this must be based on additional consideration. Residents of the state will be given maximum conditions to be able to sponsor their loved ones to Canada.

– Dependent children and other sponsors: Under this category, dependent children are allowed to live with their parents in Canada, including adopted children. Under this group, orphaned siblings or nephews and nieces are also eligible.

The guarantor will not be allowed to guarantee in the following cases:

  • Inability to financially sponsor the previously sponsored person.
  • Inability or inability to pay child support as determined by the court.
  • In addition to being disabled, but still receiving government benefits.
  • Have committed a crime, a crime against a relative, or a sex-related crime.
  • Immigrant loans cannot be paid or are not paid on time.
  • In captivity.
  • Declared bankruptcy in effect.
  • Some forms of Canadian family reunification.


The Family Sponsorship profile includes all forms for petitioners and relatives to complete and sign and then send to the Case Processing Center in Mississauga. This is where the preliminary Canadian immigration petition is reviewed to see if the application is complete and the sponsor is eligible to sponsor.

If the sponsor to immigrate to Canada for a relative is not eligible to sponsor, the petition will be closed and the sponsor will lose a fee of $75. The applicant has the right to request that the application continue to be processed even if it is not qualified. If your application is qualified, it will be transferred to the Canadian consulate in the host country where the sponsored person is living to continue completing the immigration process.

The applicant has the right to request that the application continue to be processed even if it is not qualified.

You should submit to the consulate proof of your relationship to prove the intimacy and sincerity of the relationship including phone bills, correspondence and envelopes, computer correspondence, long distance phone cards, gift cards, pictures, money deposit boxes and airline tickets, etc.