In Canada, immigration policy is being relaxed much more than that of the US and UK in order to timely replenish skilled human resources for the majority of occupations that are in labor shortage and this tendency is likely to increase in the near future. The Semi-Skilled stream is no exception as it is truly a collection of attractive programs with many policies that benefit a skilled or highly educated workforce and fluent English or French.

Reality has proven that this form has brought many immediate and long-term benefits to permanent residents:

– Enjoy all the benefits as a Canadian citizen

– Live, study and work anywhere in Canada

– Be allowed to apply to become a Canadian citizen

– Protected by Canadian law

– Enjoy the policy of medical care, lifelong health

– Children can study for free from grade 1 to grade 12

– Child support tax deduction based on parents’ income when filing tax

In addition to these benefits, skilled settlers are also required to pay taxes and comply with federal, provincial, and local laws.