Visa 188A is a visa for business owners, major shareholders, investors, and individual business owners who want to invest or do business in Australia.

If you are an experienced business owner or investor in Vietnam, have an idea to expand your business into the Australian market, or invest in acquiring a business in Australia, you may be eligible to receive an Australian immigrant visa by the investment. You should have a thoughtful plan and strategy for your investment and immigration application right from the very beginning to ensure the highest probability of successful application.

About Visa 188A – Business Innovation Stream

  • A stream under the Australian Government’s Business Innovation & Investment Program to attract successful entrepreneurs & investors from around the world to settle and develop their businesses in Australia.
  • Investors and legal family members (spouse and children under 23 years old at the time the visa is granted) will be granted a Temporary Residence visa (Visa 188A) with a period of 4 years and 3 months (can be extended more).
  • During the 188A period, the applicant needs to meet additional business requirements in Australia before they can apply for the Permanent Residency visa (Visa 888 – Permanent Residency).
  • The advantage of this 188A visa is that the requirements on property and revenue of businesses in Vietnam are easier to be meet than other visa categories.

Benefits of Visa 188A

  • You and your family can come and stay, live, open a business or invest in Australia while the visa is granted.
  • The applicant’s children are exempt from tuition fees from grades 1 to 12 if they attend public schools or offer preferential tuition fees.
  • Be free to enter and exit Australia while the visa is valid.
  • Opportunity to apply for a permanent resident visa 888 if all requirements are met.

Preliminary requirements for being granted Visa 188A

  • The applicant has skills and experience in running a business.
  • The applicant must be under 55 years of age and score at least 65 points on the immigration scale (immigration scoring system).
  • Two out of four years from the date of application, the business in Vietnam has a minimum turnover of $500,000 AUD/year AUD (depending on the sponsoring state). At the same time, the percentage of shares in the company (including spouses) must be at least 51% (if annual turnover is less than AUD 400,000), 30% (if annual turnover is over AUD 400,000) or 10 % (if the company has been publicly listed, on the stock exchange).
  • Minimum personal and business assets of $800,000 AUD (depending on the sponsoring state).
  • Will invest a minimum of $200,000 – $500,000 AUD to open or acquire a business in Australia (depending on the sponsoring state).

Estimated route time with Visa 188