Visa 188A – Implementation Process

To participate in the Australian immigration program under Visa 188, Vietnamese investors need to understand the application process like? So that we can be ready to take the initiative in each step of preparation, as well as monitor the application process from the support unit. This article will provide a full application process for the Visa 188 Entrepreneur immigration program, helping entrepreneurs/investors to grasp the necessary information as follows:


Step 1: Prepare documents

Collect documents to meet minimum eligibility requirements (including obtaining state/regional designation). This is a condition for the applicant to be invited to invest in one of the Australian states and is also one of the prerequisites for the application to be granted a visa.

Step 2: Letter of interest

After the application is collected, the Applicant will submit a letter of expression of interest. At this point, you will have to determine the immigration program you want to join, select the state or territory in Australia you want to be nominated for.

Although the Applicant will not be required to provide documentation at this step, proof must be provided that the information stated in the Letter of Interest is true at the time the Applicant is invited to apply. visa.

Step 3: Get a State/Territory Nomination

After the Expression of Interest is sent, the government of the state/territory that the Applicant has selected will conduct a review and decide if the Applicant meets the requirements set forth for nomination.

If the applicant meets the requirements, the state/territory government will nominate the applicant to the Australian Department of Immigration.

Step 4: Apply for Visa

After receiving the nomination of the state/territory, the Australian Department of Immigration will send an invitation to submit a complete application to the applicant.

Step 5: Visa 188 is issued

When the assessment is over and the Australian Department of Immigration has approved the applicant’s application, the applicant will be granted a temporary 188 visa valid for 4 years.

Note: During the application process, the Australian Department of Immigration may request to interview the applicant if necessary, but this is not common.

Step 6: Make the investment

The applicant will make an investment in Australia as designated by the Australian Immigration Service after being granted a visa under subclass 188B or the applicant will have to remit money to Australia to invest within 24 months from the date of visa issuance if the applicant is area 188A. The investment will have to continue to be maintained for 3 to 4 years depending on the category.

Step 7: Apply for Visa 188

Once the Applicant has been granted a 188 Visa for a minimum of 2 years, the Applicant can apply for the Permanent Resident Visa 888 provided that the Applicant fully meets the respective conditions (applicable to 188A and 188C visas) only for Visa 188B will receive permanent residency after 04 years from the date of issuance of the visa.