American Education System

Higher education has quite a lot of interesting points that you should pay attention to when you consider studying in the USA.

Public colleges and universities

State colleges and universities are supported and operated by local or state governments. Each of the 50 US states has at least one public university and many state colleges. Many of these public universities have the name of the state, or the word “state” in the name: for example, Washington State University and the University of Michigan.

Private colleges and universities

These schools are privately run rather than state government agencies. Tuition at private schools is usually higher than public schools. Private schools will be usually smaller in size than public schools.

Religiously affiliated colleges and universities are private universities. These universities will usually accept students from all different religions. However, there are a few schools that want to accept students from the same religion as the school.

Community colleges

The two-year community college offers associate degrees (transferable) and certificates. There are many types of associate degrees, but the most important difference is whether the degree is transferable or not. There are usually two main types of degrees: one is a university transfer degree and the other is a certificate that helps students get started to work. A university transfer degree is usually an associate of arts or an associate of science. Degrees that are not transferable are an associate of applied science and a certificate of program completion.

Community college graduates most often transfer to four-year colleges or universities. Because students can transfer grades from a community college, students can complete their bachelor’s degree within the next two years or more. Many schools also have an English language program or an intensive English program to help students prepare for college.

If students do not plan to go to university, students can find a job in Vietnam with an associate degree from the school.

Institute of Technology

Institute of Technology is a four-year university specializing in science and technology. Some schools have graduate programs or short training courses.