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Why the United States of America?

Are you looking for a positive launcher for your career with a prestigious bachelor’s degree? The current number 1 destination for international students looking for a top-notch career is to study in the US! Have you ever dreamed of standing among the ranks of international and highly qualified professionals who are respected all over the world? If the answer is yes, here are some things that you need to care about. Therefore, what factors make America the best educational cradle for international students? Why is studying in the US your bright choice?

Commitment to quality

One of the biggest draws of an American education is its global reputation for its commitment to quality. Only excellent students have the opportunity to be admitted to top American schools, where the quality of education is guaranteed by a system of experienced and well-trained faculty. This cutting-edge education is constantly improving over time and the degrees students earn are not only widely recognized, but also respected around the world.

The cradle of scientific research

If you are aiming for scientific research, then the US is the perfect choice for graduate study. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow when you enroll in Master’s or Doctoral (Ph.D.) training courses. The research sponsor will support your individual needs through full tuition payment and subsidy, combined with the challenges posed during the research process will certainly satisfy the ladder of knowledge that you desire. Expenses and grants for university research often come from the Federal Government or reputable multinational corporations in many fields.

Flexibility in course selection

You will soon realize that the American education system is much more different than that of your country. The American education system allows you to choose the courses flexibly, and you can choose your favorite subjects from many topics. From that, you can completely focus on searching your field without joining any other unnecessary courses. You can also freely choose the schedule that suits you, as some subjects are divided into several courses and last until the end of the school year. This semester or quarter system is useful as it allows you to complete your studies and have more time to work on a research project if needed. More specifically, if you complete all the required courses, you can graduate with a master’s degree within a year. Alternatively, you can also extend your program to spend more time on research and then complete the program in a few years.

Financial support

Financial aid opportunities are also a big motivator for international students to choose graduate school in the US. Most universities offer grants, loans or financial aid to students to help them cover their daily expenses and pay for tuition (in some cases). This assistance is based on achievements rather than financial need. If you can demonstrate your excellence in academics, then you will have the opportunity to study in the USA for free. In addition, getting help and loans from the bank is also quite easy if you can prove admission. The campus employment program will have specific jobs for students with the right skills. For example, if you are interested in the humanities, you can look for a job at the library.

Career opportunities

After completing your studies and getting a degree, you will have the right to legally work in the US in the field you studied for a period of one year. To do this, you need to apply for the Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization (OPT) Program. Many international students have been hunted by companies to work during this OPT application period, through the sponsorship of H1-B visas, also known as work visas. This visa is usually issued by business owners when they recruit an international student into specific fields such as Software, Engineering, Accounting, Education or Marketing. Once you have been granted an H1-B visa, you will officially be able to work in the US instead of having to return to your home country.\

Experience culture and enhance self-value

About 30% of the world’s international students choose to study in the US. Therefore, as an international student, you will be privileged to meet many young people from all over the world. This friction not only enhances cultural understanding, but also provides you with new knowledge of the world. This exciting cultural exchange, combined with the international diversity will surely enrich you not only in academic matters but also in life. Your new friends are your new family.