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The Republic of Malta is a small island country consisting of seven (07) islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, 93 km away from the south of the Italian island of Sicily. Possessing a typical Mediterranean climate all year round, Malta has always been a popular holiday destination in Europe. Although the population is only about 400,000 people, every year Malta welcomes about 2 million tourists, 5 times its population. Besides, thanks to its special geographical position, Malta also plays the role of the maritime center of 3 continents Asia - Europe - Africa.


316 km2 km2


460.297 people


English, Maltese



Why choose SETTLE IN MALTA ?

Freedom to live
In Europe

The applicant and family can live, travel, work and study in any nation in the European Union.

Citizenship for
3 generations

Spouse, dependent children under 26 years old and parents over 55 years old can submit with the same application.

Visa-free for
169 Countries

Maltese passport offers visa-free travel to over 169 countries in the world.


Allowed to own 2 nationalities.

Enjoy educational &
Medical benefits

Free education and medical care.

Safe &

Investors’ families will live in a safe environment with a stable economy and reasonable living costs.

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