SUV Startup Visa Canada – Implementation Process

To participate in the Start-up Visa program, investors need to obtain support from a designated business incubator. Startup support organizations work to promote growth and increase the success rate of early-stage startups. Usually, these organizations will be the bridge between the startup company and investment funds, economic development organizations and large investors.


The Start-up Visa application process at the moment is expected to take between 8 and 9 months. Successful applicants will receive their Immigrant Visas immediately and can be granted Canadian citizenship in 1640 days (within 6 years).

Coupled with its healthcare policy, state-of-the-art government-funded education system, and strong G-20 economy, Canada has always been an attractive country to live and do business in. In 2013, the Government of Canada launched the Start-Up Visa program to connect entrepreneurs with investment goals to immigrate to Canada with organizations with experience and expertise in the field of business support. support start-up projects. It can be seen that Canada is ambitious to build a second Silicon Valley in North America.

Canada was voted by Forbes magazine as the country with the most favorable business environment in the G20. Canada currently has the best financial situation in the G7 and is among the best in the G20.

Canada’s overall tax rate on investment in new businesses is significantly lower than in other G7 countries. The world’s leading auditing group KPMG also rated Canada as one of the countries with the most competitive tax rates in the G7.

Canada is home to a highly educated, dynamic and multicultural workforce that offers excellent development opportunities for individuals and businesses.