This type of visa is valid for 4 years and is aimed at successful business people with large assets who can invest in Australia under a diversified portfolio.

Timeline with the 188C Visa, this visa category encourages investors with the ability to invest a minimum of AUD 5 million in investments designated by the Australian government. This is one of the 3 visa categories of 188 that are easy to go to for permanent residency.

Benefits for visa 188C

  • Establish or develop an existing business or invest in Australia.
  • Entering or leaving Australia within the validity of the visa.
  • Bring family members to live in Australia.
  • Get a chance to gain permanent residency in Australia by applying for the Business Innovation and Investment Permanent Residence Visa (Visa 888)

Advantages of Visa 188C compared to other Visas (Visa 188A, visa 188B)

  • The applicant is not restricted by age or English proficiency.
  • The application score does not need to be at least 65 points on the Australian migration scale.
  • Commit to invest AUD 5 million in Australian government-designated investments upon invitation to invest and must maintain this investment continuously throughout the 4-year period of the temporary visa extension visa maximum 2 times with a term of 2 years/time.