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Australian Education System

Australian education system is divided into:


It is the highest level of education which would provide university and post university programs in Australia. Australia has totally 41 universities – 38 public schools (aided by the government) and 3 private schools. You can study to get the Bachelor degree or postgraduate degrees in Australia (Master degree, Doctorate degree)

Vocational school
The vocational schools are strongly associated with a number of different business fields which helps the programs develop skills and be highly practical. Vocational programs are usually taught at public colleges aided by the government (TAFE) and private schools. Many courses allow students to transfer into university programs.


Children aged from 6-15 are required to attend schools and exams for university admission taken when students are 18 years old. Australian high schools might be public schools (government) or the private schools (catholic or independent).

English school

Courses in English with study, travel, immigration or business purposes. There are about 100 English centers in Australia. Some top Australian universities and TAFE schools also have the English courses.

  1. The school year in Australia

The school year in Australia starts from the early of February for high school students and the end of February – the early of March for vocational and university students.

Most of high schools have 3-4 semesters while universities and vocational schools have just only 2 semesters with the final exams at the end of June and November.

Usually, students will have a break from 2-4 weeks between the semesters. The summer break starts from November or December to February.

  1. Language of instruction

English is the official language in Australia, and some schools also provide the bilingual programs or study programs in other languages.

  1. Australian Qualifications Framework

The difference of the education system between Australia and other countries is the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). AQF which was established in 1995 is the national policy controlling the higher education qualifications (college and university education and vocational training) in addition to the graduation certificate; high school certificate