Visa 188B – Benefits

The 188B Investor visa is a temporary visa program for foreign immigrants who want to make an investment or do business in Australia. Possession of a 188B visa is a basic requirement for applying for a permanent resident visa 888 and applying for Australian citizenship.

Benefits of Visa 188B include:

  • Be entitled to invest, own and operate a business in Australia (no direct management required and no turnover requirement).
  • Be free to enter and exit Australia during the validity of the visa (newly issued visa is valid for 4 years, not renewable).
  • Family sponsored (children and dependents) accompanied.
  • Accompanying family members have the right to study and work in Australia, enjoy a more favorable tuition fee than international students.
  • The right to withdraw investment capital and apply for a permanent resident visa (4 years after being granted a 188B visa) if a requirement of the number of days of residence is met.