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USA – The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic consisting of 50 states and a federal special district. The United States also has 14 territories, also known as National Seas, scattered throughout the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans. The United States is the third largest country in terms of area and population in the world. The United States is one of the most racially diverse countries in the world, as a result of immigration from many other countries around the world. The United States is recognized by many nations as the most influential military, cultural, and economic power in the world.

  • Name of the country: America/ the United States
  • Capital: Washington, D.C.
  • Total area: 9.82663 million km2
  • Population: 308,586,000 (2010)
  • Currency: U.S Dollars ($)
  • Time zones: GMT-5 to GMT -10 – Summer: GMT -4 to GMT -10
  • Language: US English

Why America ?


Commitment to Quality

One of the biggest draws of American education is its global reputation for commitment to quality.


Flexibility in Course Selection

You will soon realize that the American education system is very different from others. The American education system allows for a very flexible choice of courses, as you can choose your favorite subjects from a variety of subjects.


Open Career Opportunities

After completing your studies and getting a degree, you will have the right to legally work in the US in the field you studied for a period of one year.


Cradle of Scientific Research

If you are aiming for scientific research, then the US is the perfect choice for graduate study. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow when you enroll in Master's or Doctoral (Ph.D.)


Financial support

Financial aid opportunities are also a big motivator for international students to choose graduate school in the US.


Experience Culture and Enhance Self Value

About 30% of the world's international students choose to study in the US. So, as an international student, you will be privileged to meet many young people from all over the world.



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