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Settle in Australia

New World Wealth's Global Prosperity Migration Report (2019) ranks Australia as the top settlement destination for the world's millionaires. Possessing up to 3 cities in the list of 10 most livable cities in the world, Australia is a country famous for its excellent quality of life, stable political system, developed economy and vibrant market. With the aim of maintaining economic growth, the Australian government is constantly updating its settlement policies to attract immigrants from all over the world to Australia to live through the Skilled or Investment, Business programs.


7,692 million km2 km2


24,6 million people





Why choose Settle in Australia ?


Australian economy is always ranked AAA by the international credit institutions


Australia is a country which has the top education quality in the world, especially in researching. The school system in Australia is ranked highly in the world among TOP 100 the world’s best schools of the year.

Good welfare,
social security

Australian government have created good social security policies with adequate rights such as subsidy for unemployed people, students, healthcare package, birth allowance… applied for both natives and immigrants.


Australia is one of the countries which have the world’s best medical system and aided by the government. Two packages of medical benefits are Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits. These packages will help pay all of the costs including medical examination and treatment, hospitalization and medicine purchase.


Australia is always proud of being a multi-cultural country. 1 out of 4 Australians was born overseas.

The climate is similar to

A number of people choose Australia to be the place to settle down because it is not only quite near to Vietnam, but it also has many similarities with Vietnam in terms of climate. There are four seasons a year with the stable temperature.

Connection with

Choosing to settle in Australia brings the convenience, easy movements and business management and operation in both countries.

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